Comparative Employment Law Table, NI and GB

In conjunction with Scott Alexander of Legal Island and Mark McAllister of the LRA, Ciara Fulton has been involved in updating the Legal Island Comparative Employment Law Table, which sets out recent employment law developments between the three employment law jurisdictions of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

For readers with interests in the Republic of Ireland, there have been many developments in relation to equality laws in particular (parental rights, retirement, gender pay gap reporting and more) but there have also been changes or proposals regarding zero hour contracts and a-typical wording, whistleblowing, Codes of Practice, National Minimum Wage rates and more.

For readers with interests in GB, there have been developments in relation to compensation rates and whistleblowing (as there have been in NI), gender pay gap reporting, working time, National Minimum Wage rates and more.

There have been fewer developments in NI. However, there have been some (such as compensation rates and NMW rates) and importantly the gap between employment laws in NI & GB continues to grow. Accordingly, it is now very dangerous for NI-based practitioners to rely on GB-based case law reviews as some laws simply do not apply on a UK-wide basis. On the other hand, (pending Brexit) some of the developments in relation to EU-derived laws are being applied by employment tribunals in NI, as they are in the GB tribunal and court system.

The comparative table reflects the position at 20 August 2018 and previous versions of the table should be discarded:–gb/comparative-law-table/